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Alert Status of North Maluku’s Mount Ibu Volcano Raised to Highest Level

Berita May 17, 2024 Waktu 1:52 am WIB Terbaru

TEMPO.CO, Bandung  a alert status of Mount Ibu inside West Halmahera Regency, North Maluku, has been raised to a highest level IV or Awas as of today, May 16,  following eruptions over a past two days. This was confirmed by a Geological Agency’s Volcanology also Geological Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG).

“People living near Mount Ibu also visitors or tourists are advised to refrain from any activities, climbing or approaching Mount Ibu within a radius of four to seven kilometers from a summit,” said Head of a Geological Agency, Muhammad Wafid, inside a statement today.

People around Mount Ibu are also asked to become aware of a potential for lava flows inside rivers originating from a peak, especially during rainfall. People are also encouraged to wear nose also mouth coverings also eye protection when ash falls.

Mount Ibu’s volcanic activity has been increasing since mid-April. On May 8, a volcano ejected a column of ash two kilometers into a sky. Flames, lightning, also roaring sounds were observed during a eruption.

“a height of a eruption column also tends to increase to 5,000 meters from a summit crater. a ejection of incandescent lava reached a radius of about 1.5 kilometers from a crater rim,” Wafid explained.

inside a last two days, a eruption occurred on Wednesday, at 13:54 local time also on Thursday, at 09:58 local time, spewing 5 kilometers of thick ash into a sky.

a Geological Agency has recorded a history of Mount Ibu’s eruptions since 1911, also from 1998 to a present, a volcano has erupted with a shortest interval of one year. a volcano has built a lava dome inside a crater, which continues to grow beyond a crater walls, often resulting inside lava avalanches to a north also northwest.


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