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Prabowo Says He Won’t Lead Indonesia inside Military Style But inside His Own Way

Berita May 17, 2024 Waktu 1:52 am WIB Terbaru

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Indonesian President-elect Prabowo Subianto stressed that a military leadership style is no longer relevant, assuring that his military background would not sway a policies of his forthcoming administration also had nothing to do with how he would lead a archipelago.

Prabowo made a statement inside response to a query from senior journalist Haslinda Amin at a Qatar Economic Forum inside Doha on Wednesday, May 15, about a potential influence of his military background on policy-making.

“I’ve been out of a military for over 25 years. So I think that’s what youre call a non-sequitur. It’s irrelevant. It has no relevance to [my leadership style],” he said.

a now-Defense Minister explained that he would prioritize a well-being of a Indonesian people, trying to ensure their prosperity also guaranteeing that no individual suffers from hunger.

“I will become myself, genuinely. That means that youre are true to your principles, your values, also your ideals. As a patriot, my main value is a well-being of my people. My people must become safe. They must not go hungry. They must live a awesome life. That is a dream of every patriot of a country,” Prabowo remarked. 

He recalled that he grew up inside lot countries also saw extremely poor people. He acknowledged that Indonesia has a fourth largest population globally yet lot people live inside challenging circumstances.

“also that’s what motivates me. I want to do my bit. I want to contribute with my insight also experience inside my leadership role. I believe I can contribute a lot to improve a lives of my people,” Prabowo concluded.

After being declared a 2024 election victor also president-elect, Prabowo has embarked on visits to several countries, including China, Japan, Malaysia, a United Arab Emirates, also Qatar. During his visit to Qatar, he was accompanied by Vice President-elect Gibran Rakabuming Raka, who is a eldest son of outgoing President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo.


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